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 Take the leap and apply for a traineeship in Lugo!


 Before applying for our traineeship offers, remember that it is mandatory to be elegible for an ERASMUS + grant.

Traineeships in Marketing


 Tasks to do:

  • Marketing plan
  • Analysis of portfolio of products
  • Research of markets (primary or secundary)
  • Analysis of competition / environment
  • Plan of development of product / service
  • Plan of communication
  • Distribution plan
  • Creation of contents
  • Report of analytical web
  • Plan of online marketing/ social media

Traineeships in Grafic Design


Tasks to do:

  • Consultancy of brand image
  • Design of logo
  • Analysis of competition / environment
  • Layout of documents (ex: a business plan, publications)
  • Infographic
  • Design of icons
  • Design of graphical material
  • Design of advertising material
  • Design of banners
  • Creation of visual content
  • Design of packaging

Traineeships in informatics


Tasks to do:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Design of database
  • Design of algorithms
  • Analysis of security
  • Test of performance
  • Consultancy on servers and operating systems
  • Technical investigation
  • Development of new functiones (applications in different languages)
  • Development of simple mobile application or modules/ more complex functiones
  • Technological consultancy

Traineeships in Web Design

Tasks to do:

  • Design / Redesign of landing page
  • Design / Redesign of front-end
  • Develop front-end (small project)
  • Responsability of the platform
  • Mockup
  • Analysis of  usability

Traineeships in Administration


Tasks to do:

  • Creation of business plan
  • Strategic plan/ Analysis of development of business
  • Financial plan
  • Accountant analysis / consultancy
  • Strategic planning for new markets / users / countries
  • Plan of market enter
  • Definition/ Redefinition of the business model
  • Investment Deck (Report for investors)

Traineeships in Law


Tasks to do:

  • Terms and conditions on the basis of current legislation
  • Privacy policy on the basis of current legislation
  • Design/ adaptation of NDA (contract of confidentiality)
  • Design/ adaptation of MOU (bilateral contract of declaration of intentions to carry out a common action)
  • Design/ adaptation of partners agreement
  • Design/ review of Term sheet
  • Investigation/ consultancy on Bank Record
  • Search on information about Intellectual Property
  • Legal research (online and offline)
  • Design/ adaptation/ research on Private Contracts

Traineeships in UX/ UI


Tasks to do:

  • Analysis of usability
  • Design/ Redesign of the user’s experience
  • Design/ Redesign of the user’s interface
  • Simulations/ prototypes
  • Report/ Consultancy of UX/ UI
  • Test of “User Construct”
  • Research on usabilidad of the platform

Traineeships in Translation


Tasks to do:

  • Translation of the “Copy” of the web
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Translation of other documents


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