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Flexibility during the internship

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 Interview with us

Support local team

Visa assistance

Learning agreement

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Extra activities

Calendar of cultural events

Welcome pack 

Flexibility during the internship

Possibility of teleworking

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Questions and answers


What is the Erasmus + Programme


Erasmus + is the EU Programme approved by the European Parliament on the 1st of January of 2014. The Erasmus+ Programme supports the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy in the field of education and training to improve the internationalization, multilingualism and job inclusion of European youth. The Erasmus+ Programme is structured in different actions in which under the “Key Action 1: Mobility for individuals” the main goal is to increase the mobility of people to undertake a professional experience abroad. Under the framework of the Erasmus+ Key Action 1, Axel works to connect international students with host companies located in Lugo (Spain) interested in welcoming educated youths as a trainee.



Who can participate


We define 4 different participants in the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Programme:

  • Sending Organisation: Educational Institutions accredited by the EU as partners in the Erasmus+ Programme.

  • Participants: European students selected by their educational institutions to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme.

  • Host Organisations: Companies, entities and institutions located in an EU member country or associated but different from the participant’s country, interested in welcoming international trainees.

  • Intermediary Organisations: Companies, entities or institutions such as Trainee+Up based on the coordination and management of Erasmus+ projects in the host country of the participants.


How can I apply for an Erasmus + grant


In order to apply for an Erasmus+ Key Action 1 grant we recommend you to contact the international relations office of your university or vocational education school for information about the selection criteria of participants.



Placement vacancies


Axel offers traineeship placements in Barcelona a range of educational fields. We look for organisations interested in welcoming international trainees and committed to your training. Furthermore, we coordinate your traineeship from the beginning in order to guarantee a worthwhile training experience which enhances your skillset and equips you with practical work experience relevant to your educational background.



 Selection process of university students candidates


Once the placement vacancies are on the Trainee+Up website or your university website, you can apply for the traineeship by sending your CV and motivation letter to the Trainee+Up team. Once all the applications have been reviewed, we will conduct a online interview with the most suitable candidates for the traineeship role.


 Selection process of vocational students candidates


The selection process of vocational education students is done by the vocational education institutes without any participation of the host organisations or Axel.



Duration of the traineeships


The duration of the traineeships is between 2 and 12 months throughout the year.



Traineeship agreement


It is a formalized Erasmus+ Learning Agreement drafted through collaboration between the sending educational institution, the student, the host organisation and Axel.



 Erasmus + financial support


As a participant in the Erasmus + Programme you will receive financial support by the European Union to finance your travel and living expenses during your period of stay abroad. The financial support varies depending on the host country and the sending institution.



Traineeship remuneration


Although it is not mandatory to remunerate the traineeships. Axel recommends the host organisations to support your stay with remuneration.



Axel fees

Axel coordinates your traineeship in Spain, low cost fees. Should you want to avail of our additional services such as accommodation assistance, airport transfers, language courses and cultural visits, please contact us regarding the fees.



Rights and obligations


As a participant in the Erasmus+ Programme you will have the right to develop a traineeship abroad in a host organisation according to your academic background, this is financed by the European Union. From your point of view, you are under obligation to develop good working practices, abiding by the rules, schedules and confidentiality of the host organisation. Should there by any change in your traineeship agreement we request that you communicate this with your sending institution and intermediary organisation.



Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs


If you have a business idea and want to make it your future business take part in the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” programme.

The requirements are:

  • Being an aspiring entrepreneur, firmly inclined to start a business or an entrepreneur who has been running his own business at least three years (there is no age limit).
  • Having a concrete project or a business idea described in a business plan.
  • Being a resident of one of the 28 partners countries participating in the programme (including Liechtenstein, Norway, Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, Serbia or Israel).

First of all describe your business idea in a form of a business plan, a document that describes in detail highlighting organizational, technical, financial and competitive aspects.

Next step is choose an IO, an intermediary organization, which supports and helps the new entrepreneur (NE), in this case: you, during the whole all process. In this links there is the list of all IOs.

Contact the IO nearest to your area of residence and ask if they have sufficient financial funds, because they are the ones giving you the scholarship so it depends on them how months of financial support can you get.

Later you have to submit the application including the business plan and the information about the chosen IO.

Once accepted into the programme, it’s possible to select a host entrepreneur in the database of entrepreneurs registered in the programme. The choice will depend of the sector you want to realize your business in.

The programme consists of collaboration between the new entrepreneur and the host entrepreneur, a mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences. The stay abroad can last from 1 to 6 months and will be financed by a scholarship that changes depending of the country of destination.




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