What services does AXEL Lugo offer?

AXEL Lugo will help you find an internship in the country of your choosing, help you and support in the search accommodation there and will also arrange language lessons to help you make the most of your experience.

Which is the minimum stay to do the international internship? 

To make sure you get the most from your experience, we usually do not arrange internships for less than two months. To maximise the benefits of your internship, we would recommend a duration of up to 6 months.

 Can I do curricular and extracurricular internship?

Yes, both possibilities are available.

 Who manages the formal internship process? 

When doing curricular internship, your university or college will provide you all the agreements needed. We can help to get all the company’s information, but currently it’s easier when the student is physically in the company.

When doing extracurricular internship, the company should provide you with the internship agreeme

 Who much time does the selection process take?

It takes around two weeks, depending on the customer’s skills.

 Which is the process to  pay? 

All fee payments will be made once they arrive at their destination.

 Which  fields does AXEL Lugo  work? 

Our specialty is marketing, Law, Engeneering, Design, Management, IT and finances. However, we have customers from other fields as cuisine, traduction, tourism, etc. For this reason, we think it’s better if you tell us your interests and needs, and according to them, we can show you different possibilities.


 Is the internship paid? 

The practices are not paid, we always recommend the customer to ask in his/her educational center if they have the Erasmus Plus program, this grant will help you fund your internship.
las practicas no son remuneradas

 If there is any problem with the company and the intern, wich is AXEL´ role?

In the unlikely moment when this problem comes, we suggest you to contact us. First of all, we will analyze the problem to figure it out. If this doesn’t work, AXEL Lugo will find you other company to do your internship free of charge


 What happens if your starting dat is coming but you still don´t have the company to do intenrship?

AXEL Lugo will help you find an internship in the country of your choosing, support for find, accommodation there and will also arrange language lessons to help you make the most of your experience.



Where should I go to joing the Erasmus Program?

To join the Erasmus mobility program, you have to apply for it through an educational institution (Higher Education Institution, HEI). To do it, your educational institution should be granted by the European Union Center (EUC). If you are at the university, you can ask for information in the international affairs’ office; and, if you are at no-university center, you can ask to the Erasmus coordinator at your institution.

For how long can I do my Erasmus Internship?

If you are at the university, you can do your internship from 3 to 12 months. If you are in a superior grade formative, the minimum length is for 2 months.

Can I extend the internship period?

You can do it as long as the following requirements are met:

– Both the home institution and the hosting company must allow it during the internship period.

– The extension must be immediately after the Erasmus Plus period and must take place during the present academic year. There cannot be interruptions (holidays are not considered as “interruptions”).

– The maximum length should be 12 months.

– Any period, extension included, cannot be longer than the 30th September of the present academic year.

The extension should rely on the pertinent “academic recognition”. In the superior grade formative, it cannot be longer than the FCT period.

How is the internship´s length counted to proceed with the grant paymenyt?

The computing unit is 1 month. The month is divided into 4 parts. In order to do it, your institution should take the date reflected in the internship agreement and in the Stay Certificate, both filled by the hosting company.

Note that the internship mobility period has a minimum length of 3 months, and 2 in superior grade formative. So that means, the stays can be from 3,25 months, 3,50 months, 3,75 months… or 2,25 months, 2,50 months, 2,75 months…It’s highly advisable to ask your institution for more information.

Which requirements are neede to apply for the internship in companies? 

You should be an enrolled student in a Higher Education Institution, which must be granted by the European Union Centre (EUC). Your studies should allow you to get a university degree (degree, master or doctorate) or a superior grade formative one, regardless your study’s field. Higher Arts education (music, dance, Drama, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, visual arts and design) and sport technician studies are included as well.

 Can I join the program even though if I don´t have the nationality of the country I´m studying in? 

Yes, you can apply for the Erasmus Plus program as long as you own a nationality of a PAP country, or third countries. In this case, you must prove you have a valid residence permit to live in the desired country during the mobility period.

 How many times can I do the Erasmus Internship?

Usually, just once. During your degree, you can join the Erasmus twice: one for a studies mobility, and another for the internship mobility. You can apply again the Erasmus program, as an exception, if your mobility has been interrupted due to force majeure and it hasn’t reach the minimum stay (2 or 3 months according to the studies).

 How much is the Erasmus Plus grant?

Every year, the European Commission publishes the official list of the grants. It is explained the quantity assigned to each country according to the total amount of grants on each of them. The countries are divided into 3 groups (A, B and C) according to the GDP of each of them. On the other hand, there are supplementary grants (compatible with the Erasmus Plus program) in some countries to help students with their mobility. It depends on the students’ marks, incomes and the country they are studying in.

 Can I interrupt the mobility period?

The mobility period can be interrupted if the company is closed during vacation period. The grant won’t be interrupted during this closing period, but it won’t be counted to reach the minimum internship period.

 Do I need any insurance to do my internship?

Every student must have full health cover, corporate civil liability insurance and accident insurance in the European countries. The insurance can be different according to the internship.

Your home institution must provide you all the information about these issues. Sometimes, depending on the internship, the company can ask you for a specific insurance.



Are the flight ticket, VISA and insurance incluided in the price? 


Which countries does AXEL Lugo work with? 


When can I apply AXEL Lugo services?

All year round 

How far in advance should I contact AXEL Lugo?

In order to have the best chance, we recommend you to contact us within a minimum of 4 weeks in advance.

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